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Products > Tungsten Filament > > Ion source filaments - Mark I
Product name : Ion source filaments - Mark I
Product No. : 2017112154433
Price : Negotiation
Purity : 99.95%
Size : 0.4mm
Surface : Shine
Status : finished goods
Packing :  seal packing
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 Ion Source /Electron Beam tungsten filament

Supply all kinds of EB tungsten filaments 
Applied in vacuum evaporation and Optical coating.
The Specification as follow:



EB Filament  Part No
 Temescal  0317-6781-0
 Telemark  273-0001-1



Support  tungsten filament AM 004 
Japan  0.5-0.55 ion sources
 Lebyold  0.635 7coils
Ion source  S type
 Common wealth

 Mark I  A30274

Mark II A16962

 Hall source filament  φ0.60  12 coils
 NDK  φ0.40  U type  5coils
 E220  E500  φ2.30 
 IBF-5  φ0.80 12coils



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