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Product name : Tungsten filament
Product No. : 20131113205416
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 Tungsten filament

Brief Description

Purity:99.95% Min. 


Density:19.25g/cm3 Min

Strands: Single wire

Surface: Cleaned , Electrolytic Polished;


Tungsten filament is widely applied for optical coating,  


Tungsten filament is made of selected high-quality material of tungsten,with the properties of excellent thermal conductivity, high melting point,good corrosion resistance,and long life.

We can supply below tungsten filament for your reference.

1. EB tungsten filament/ Cathod filament

2. Ion source tungsten filament

3. Mark I filament

4.Mark II filament

5. "S" Type tungsten filament

6.Leybold tungsten filament

In addition, we can produce it according to your requirements and drawing.

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